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  • Bat Your Eyelashes How To Be Well Mannered With Style.

    Vicelich, Marianne.

  • Dance Little Ladies Tha Days of the Debutante.

    Pringle, Margaret.

  • Gilded Butterflies.

    Pullar, Philippa.

  • Robert Smith Surtees Scenes and Characters

    Ray Cyril (Editor)

  • Simple Custom.

    Moncreiffe, Iain & Pottinger, Don.

  • The English Ceremonial Book.

    Milton. Roger.

  • The Penguin Book of Etiquette.

    Von Adlerstein, Marion.

  • What Do You Do, Dear?

    Joslin, Sesyle.

  • Why Manners Matter. The Case for Civilised Behaviour in a Barbarous World.

    Holdforth, Lucinda.