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  • Berlin Now The City After the Wall.

    Schneider, Peter.

  • Blockade Berlin and the Cold War.

    Morris, Eric.

  • Changing Berlin in The National Geographic Magazine Volume LXXI No 2.

    Chandler, Douglas.

  • Eva Braun: Life with Hitler.

    Gortemaker, Heike B.

  • German Architecture and the Classical Ideal 1740-1840.

    Watkin, David and Mellinghoff, Tilman.

  • German Health Resorts.

    Bauer, Professor M (Compiler)

  • German Secret Weapons of World War II.

    Hogg, Ian V.

  • Lustmord Sexual Murder in Weimar Germany.

    Tatar, Maria.

  • Northern Bavaria Handbook for Travellers.

    Baedeker, Karl.

  • Prints and Drawings of the Weimar Republic.

    [Catalogue] Roters, Eberhard & Schmied, Wieland.

  • Southern Germany (Baden, Black Forest, Wurtemberg and Bavaria)

    Baedeker, Karl.

  • Southern Germany (Wurtemburg and Bavaria) Handbook for Travellers.

    Baedeker, Karl.