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  • A Guide to Historic Hill End and Its Environs.

    Hodge, Harry.

  • A Lady’s Visit to the Gold Diggings of Australia in 1852-53.

    Clacy, Mrs Charles.

  • A Short Account of the Late Disoveries of Gold in Australia With Notes of a Visit to the Gold District by John Elphinstone Erskine.

    Mackaness, George (Editor)

  • Australia and Its Goldfields: A Historical Sketch of the Progress of the Australian Colonies, From the Earliest Times to the Present Day; With a Particular Account of The Recent Gold Discoveries and Observations of the Present Land Question. To Which Are Added Notices on the Use and Working of Gold in Ancient and Modern Times; and an Examination of the Theories as to the Sources of Gold.

    Hargraves, Edward Hammond.

  • Australian Goldfields Their Discovery, Progress and Prospects.

    Mackaness, George (Editor)

  • Colonial Casualties: Chinese in Early Victoria.

    Cronin, Kathryn.

  • Don John of Balaclava.

    Lewis, Miles.

  • Gold Escorts in Australia.

    Blake, L. J.

  • Gold Fleet For California Forty-Niners From Australia and New Zealand.

    Bateson, Charles.

  • Hillendiana.

    Friend, Donald.

  • More Old Gold Towns of Victoria.

    Sayers, C.E.

  • Murray’s Guide to the Gold Diggings The Australian Gold Diggings.

    Mackaness, George (Editor)