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  • A Letter From Sydney Being a Long Epistle from Ray Lindsay to his Brother Jack Relating Mainly to Their Lives in Sydney in the Nineteen-Twenties.

    [Lindsay, Raymond) Arnold, Jack (Editor)

  • Art in Australia.

    [Art in Australia] Smith, Sydney Ure & Gellert, Leon (Eds)

  • Australian Notes on the Ballet.

    Garling, Jean.

  • Billy Bluegum or Back to the Bush.

    Dyson, Edward.

  • Bohemians of the Bulletin.

    Lindsay, Norman.

  • Bohemians of the Bulletin.

    Lindsay, Norman.

  • C. J. Brennan An Essay in Values.

    Hughes, Randolph.

  • Captain Billy Hayes – Blackbirder and Bigamist.

    Clune, Frank.

  • Carmen by Prosper Merimee.

    [Lindsayana] Griffin, Richard (Translator)

  • Coast to Coast Australian Stories 1945.

    Stewart, Douglas (Compiler)

  • Comedy of Life. An Autobiography.

    Lindsay, Sir Lionel.

  • Conrad Martens The Man and His Art.

    Lindsay, Lionel.