American Rococo, 1750-1775: Elegance in Ornament. – Heckscher Morrison H. & Bowman Leslie Greene.

Heckscher Morrison H. & Bowman Leslie Greene.


Publisher: The Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York. 1992 (Ist Edition)
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4to, VI, 239pp. Hardcover, d/w in excellent conditopn now protected by clear archival covering. text in excellent condition with minor flecking on top edge. The authors pursue the Rococo presence in most aspects of domestic productions that begin with firearms and textiles and end with porcelain. In the book’s major chapters there are discussions of the influence of the Rococo on architectural ornaments, all manner of engravings from bookplates to clock dials, silver, principal furniture forms, cast iron, glass and ceramics. This magnificent book was published in conjunction with the exhibition of the same name at the New York Met. for five months and then the LA Museum of Art in 1992. It includes a large number of both b/w and colour photographic plates with detailed references and descriptions.