Apuleius Madaurensis Platonicus Serio Castigatus.

Madaurensis, Apuleius Lucius (Apuleius).


Publisher: Apud Ioannem Ianssonium. Amstelodami (Amsterdam). 1628

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48mo (10.5 x 5.5cm), 382pp. Hardcover morocco rebind (19th century) in very good condition with intact gilt edging on boards and gilt title Apuleius on spine, original 1628 text in good condition with a very sound spine, beautiful endpapers and with an intact fine blue ribbon bookmark attached. Some minor water marking on the bottom spine edge of all pages that are however untorn, firmly attached and totally legible. An attractive pocket edition in Latin of Apuleius’s works in the style of a small Elzevir book (Dutch printers). The author (125 – 170 AD) was a Numidian prose writer born in Madaura (Algeria) and lived under the Roman Empire, studying in Athens, and travelling widely to Italy, Asia Minor and Egypt. He wrote as a Platonist Philosopher and Rhetorician and this delightful edition includes his famous Apology and Florida (snippets from his speeches). Very rare worldwide.