Futurism. – Tisdall C. and Bozzolla A.

Tisdall C. and Bozzolla A.


Publisher: Thames and Hudson. London. 1977 (Ist edition)
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8vo, XI, 216pp. Soft cover in fair condition with decorative orange artwork on dark brown background with minor soiling and worn bruised corners, text in good condition overall with no prior owner notations evident. Futurism originally Italian, was the first cultural movement of the twentieth century to aim directly and deliberately at a mass audience. To do so it made use of every available means and medium, inventing others beside, though this all-encompassing work is principally art orientated with 169 illustrations, 20 in colour. Launched in 1909 by a poet and publicist of genius , F. T Marinetti, in a manifesto proclaiming the joys of energy and the beauty of technology, Futurism carried from art into all areas of life the insights of contemporary philosophy, with its perception of flux and disintegration thereby bankrupting an artistic culture which clung to the forms and values of the past. An excellent primer for the art philosophy student.