Odd Bods At War – 1939-1945.

Bevis, Lewis S. (Editor).


Publisher: Odd Bods U.K.Association - NSW Branch. Kincumber. 1988 (Ist Edition)

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8vo, 116pp. Softcover in excellent condition, text in pristine condition, inscribed by Frank Salter on Introduction Page ( F/O Salter contibuted a personal article on page 67). During WWII, many Australians served in R.A.F Squadrons attached to Bomber Command, Fighter Command, Coastal Command etc. The surviving airmen on returning to Australia as well as others migrating to Australia later, were the odd men out at service reunions and get togethers etc, so they became known as the “Odd Bods”. These are some of their stories. This particular copy was owned and signed by a then young flying officer who became a schoolteacher for 35 years after the war and died in 2012, aged 89.