Pillsbury’s Chess Career. – Sergeant, P. W and Watts W. H.

Sergeant, P. W and Watts W. H.


Publisher: Dover Publications Inc. New York. 1966 (thus)
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8vo. VI. 230pp. Soft cover in bright turquoise laminated boards in fair condition with chipping and edge scuffing with mild soiling from obvious frequent use, text remains in very good condition with no obvious damage or notations throughout. There ia a new introduction and afterword by the great Irving Chernev, with a short biography but the book is neverthelss for the expert or ardent chess historian. Harry Pilsbury came to the world’s notice with an outstanding tournament triumph in 1895, being relatively unknown prior to that, playing against Lasker, Steinitz, and Tarrasch. This book follows his brief but impressive career over only 233 games. It is however an unaltered republication of the American Chess Bulletin 1922 first edition. Only for the keen and advanced player.