Siegfried Sassoon’s Long Journey – Selections from the Sherston Memoirs. – Sassoon, Siegfried.

Sassoon, Siegfried.


Publisher: Oxford University Press. New York. 1983 (Ist Edition)
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8vo, 180pp. Hardcover, non price-clipped d/w in excellent condition protected by clear archival covering, text also in pristine condition. This haunting book is edited by one of the great literary critics of the late twentieth century, Paul Fussell. It is a unique and profusely illustrated and photographed volume and Fussell has compiled key selections from one of the most moving pieces of English literature to emerge from the devastation of WWI. The outline of Sassoon’s life is broadly known of course but the great trilogy “The Memoirs of George Sherston” is a fictionalised account of Sassoon’s early life and then wartime experience and is a lengthy and shattering read for anyone. This much smaller selection with the myriad of evocative and tragic photographs included, is a much more manageble task for the average reader.